Hannah & Tom

Hannah & Tom had a December wedding and were met with dreary weather and drizzle. However, thanks to a phenomenal photographer, their photos don’t show any signs of winter weather and look fantastic! Just goes to show that a great photographer is worth the research, no matter the weather!

How did you two meet?

Tom and I met back in 2010 when we were both working for a fashion retailer in the Cotswolds – Tom was trying his hand at merchandising and I was dipping my toe in the world of PR and Marketing. Meeting in the workplace is a bit of a cliché and our first few months of dating were spent meeting in obscure Cotswold pubs so that we wouldn’t be spotted by our colleagues! Almost seven years later, we’ve since moved to London where Tom now works as a Ship Broker and I work for Kelly Hoppen’s homeware brand Kelly Hoppen London. As much as we love London and our first home in Tooting, our hearts belong back home in the Cotswolds and we know that we’ll eventually move back to be closer to our families.

Tell us all about the engagement!

I have to be honest, I really wasn’t expecting it! This was partly because there had been more of an ‘engagement buzz’ and pressure from friends and family the previous Summer and it hadn’t happened, so I had resigned myself to the fact that it would happen when it was meant to happen! So, on 18th October 2015 after dissuading my parents from joining us, we went for a blustery walk up Bredon Hill and Tom asked me to marry him at the very top! It was such a surreal moment and it hadn’t sunk in until I found myself blurting out “we’ve just got engaged” to a couple walking their dog – saying the words out loud made it all seem very real… at which point the adrenaline hit me and I burst into tears!

What was your favourite thing about the wedding?

Without a doubt, the atmosphere! There was such a happy buzz and energy radiating from all of our family and friends and that is something that you can’t necessarily plan for or guarantee. We had a wonderful pianist playing music in the Minstrel’s Gallery above the main hall during the wedding breakfast and he obviously hit the right note with our guests as they broke into song during the meal and started singing along with him – it was so lovely to see everyone having such fun and this carried on way into the night! We may have had the wettest wedding imaginable, but we had one hell of a party!

Hannah & Tom

What tip would you give other couples planning their wedding?

In our opinion the three most important things to get right are a plentiful supply of drinks, fabulous food and MUSIC! Choosing the right wedding band really is key as they create the party – we would highly recommend our band ‘Tux Fizz’ to anyone currently planning their wedding!

Apart from getting married, what’s the best thing you’ve done together?

We have done many wonderful things together over the last 7 years, amazing holidays, the excitement of buying our first home… but as corny as it sounds, getting our cat Otto is definitely up there – he brings us so much joy and we are both obsessed with him!

Did you have a honeymoon? If so, tell us all about where you went and what you loved about it.

As we got married on 10th December, we made the decision to go on honeymoon in January so that we could enjoy Christmas with our families, but we had a mini moon in beautiful Narberth and stayed at the Grove for a couple of nights which was so relaxing. We had the best of both worlds really, a cosy mini moon after the wedding and then two weeks in Sri Lanka after Christmas, which helped to ease the January Blues! It’s a breathtakingly beautiful country, full of wildlife, lovely people and fabulous food, we would highly recommend it as a honeymoon destination!

Hannah & Tom

Why did you choose Prezola for your gift list?

Well, I had chosen Prezola once before as we selected them as the official wedding gift list provider for Kelly Hoppen London, so I had more of an insight than most couples into the inner workings of the business and the team behind the brand – so it was an easy decision for Tom and I. The founders, Ali and Dom are lovely, they’ve chosen the best selection of brands and the customer service that their team offer is first class. Wedding planning is notoriously stressful, so to feel that you have Prezola on hand to help and keep you updated is so reassuring. Aside from receiving the wedding invitation, potentially choosing a gift for the couple is often the first thing that a guest will do before attending the wedding, so having the lovely team from Prezola at the end of the phone or email ready to help your guests is a wonderful first impression!

What item were you most excited to get on your gift list?

So many things, it’s hard to choose one stand out piece, but we chose Sonos which has been revolutionary, also some lovely big rugs which really do transform a room and we do love the friendly face of our Newgate Clock that now lives in the kitchen! It’s been such fun finding homes for all of our lovely new things and thinking of friends and family each time we use our gifts.

Tell us all about your Prezola delivery day!

Tom’s mum was staying with us, so we thought it would be fun for all of us to unwrap the presents together… little did we know that 18 huge boxes full of beautifully wrapped gifts were going to arrive! There’s nothing quite like unwrapping your wedding presents, each one full of love and best wishes from your friends and family, it feels terribly indulgent but such a lovely start to married life.

Hannah & Tom

What’s the most exciting thing you’re looking forward to as a married couple?

We’re currently in the midst of DIY and renovations, so we can’t wait for the day when we can enjoy our lovely home and host our friends in a dust-free zone! Starting a family is also something that we’re very much looking forward to, so hopefully, that’ll be in the not too distant future!

What’s your favourite date activity?

It’s an obvious one, but we both love our food, so going for a lovely meal somewhere is always a favourite. You also can’t beat escaping London for the weekend and staying in a lovely boutique B&B… though that’s more of a treat than a date.

What brands on Prezola are your favourites?

I would have to choose Nkuku as I could happily have pretty much all of their products at home, the same goes for The White Company who can do no wrong in my eyes! For more decorative pieces I’d choose Culinary Concepts who have some beautiful statement tabletop pieces and, of course, Soho Home are definitely up there as I love their whole aesthetic.

How would you describe your interior style?

Relaxed, rustic and inviting, with a touch of hotel luxe which we all strive to imitate in our own homes!

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