Duncan & Aillie

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Duncan and Allie married

A true Scottish love story filled with tartan, bramble gin and a romantic getaway to Ireland. We catch up with Aillie and Duncan to find out about their big day and gift list delivery!

How did you two meet?

We met at university in Glasgow, aged 19. Both of us would admit that we never expected we would end up getting married back then! We got on really well and it was the differences in us that brought us together.

What's your favourite thing to do together?

More than anything we love socialising with friends, exploring new places and treating ourselves to dinner and drinks. Duncan is a real foodie and I'm a true cocktail lover so living in London and Edinburgh means we are inundated with new restaurants and bars to sample every weekend.

What was the best thing about the wedding?

The weather really came through for us which was an unplanned bonus for an early May wedding. We had our dream ceremony outside the Byre on the freshly cut lawn and let nature be our colour and decoration. It was simply stunning.

churchyard wedding exterior
white wedding tent in a garden

What tip would you give other couples planning their wedding?

Planning the wedding was busy and stressful at times, but we always remembered that the reason we were getting married was to bring our family and friends together and to celebrate our love and relationship. Whenever we had any nervousness or panic about the dreaded budget, we would simply remind ourselves of the bigger picture.

Tell us all about your honeymoon! Where did you go and what did you love about it?

We chose to fly to Dublin the day after our wedding. Feeling a little fuzzy headed, we enjoyed a fabulous suite at The Dean in Dublin city centre and then spent the rest of the week chatting endlessly about the wedding, receiving updates from friends back at home, being tagged on social media and exploring the sights of Cork, Galway and the beautiful Irish countryside.

What has surprised you most about being married?

Being married has brought us closer together as a family and strengthened our bond as a couple. We are both more selfless and consider the other our top priority above all else. Typically, we are physically further apart than ever with Duncan working in London and myself working in Edinburgh!

One thing we did before we got married and I'm glad we still do now is…

Make time for one another and spend time as a couple outside of group socialising. We both love spending time with friends at festivals and special occasions - and have many weddings to attend as guests - but always make sure we have date night; be it the cinema, a Sunday stroll or a drive out of the city together.

a bride and her bridesmaids sitting and holding bouquets
wedding seating plan scroll
wedding table with green leaves on it

Were you always planning to have a gift list?

I was always enthusiastic about having a gift list as it was the best way to guide friends and family to buy us items we wanted and needed. On a practical note, the gifts we chose would contribute towards furnishing our new flat. Prezola integrated seamlessly with our wedding website meaning that all our guests from across the country could purchase gifts without the burden of transporting them to our wedding in Scotland. Duncan had a more traditional approach and felt uneasy about having a gift list at first. However, Prezola sent us a booklet in the post when we first signed up that discussed the ‘taboo’ on gift lists and it totally changed Duncan’s mind and put a positive spin on the whole thing.

white wedding cake with leaf decor

What are your favourite brands on Prezola?

Our list was 99% homeware and we particularly love our The White Company duvet, Sophie Conran dinnerware and Nordal Harlekin rug.

Tell us all about your Prezola delivery day!

I was at work when the delivery arrived and Duncan sent a photo of the five big boxes outside the front door. We waited until we were together to start the unwrapping and we opened each gift together. It was like Christmas, but better!

How would you describe your interior style?

Our style is modern and monochrome with homely touches in textures and scents. We both loves candles and always have one lit in the evening. Cushions, rugs and crisp bedsheets are a must in our house.

Is there a gift you wish you had added to your gift list but didn't?

We have been so lucky to have everything we need and more. Our family and friends were so generous.

newlyweds walking holding hands through a floral doorway

a closeup picture of a groom wearing a kilt
happy newlyweds hugging in front of a brick wall

Photography by Sara Jane Holder.