Small wedding gifts under £50: room by room

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newlyweds first kiss with bride holding rose bouquet

When building your ultimate gift list it’s important to make sure you’ve got plenty of gifts for your lovely guests to choose from and at different price points.

We have found that at Prezola the average guest spends £40-80 on a gift. So, let’s make it super easy for your guests to buy you something extra special that you’ll love. Before we show you our favourites room by room, we’ve got a few tips when choosing gifts at a lower price point:

  1. Look for little things that really matter Think about the things in your house that make it a home, whether that’s photo frames (hello, wedding photos!) or a cosy throw for chilly evenings.
  2. Don’t forget the walls Prints are a perfect way to inject some serious personality into your home at a super affordable price point. Why not go all out and look to create a gallery wall with your wedding gift list?
  3. Think about the little luxuries
    These are the little items that you may not buy for yourself normally. We’re talking about luxury scented candles, a new set of bath towels or FINALLY replacing your mismatched wine glasses with a matching set. Bliss.
  4. Add a little greenery
    Whether you’re a novice or a pro, house plants are an ideal budget friendly gift. What’s better is that with a voucher you can choose which plants suit your home and level of plant expertise best. Don’t forget the decorative pot to finish it all off nicely.
  5. Add gifts you’ll use daily
    Don’t overlook the more day to day items, like mugs. You’ll think about the person who bought them for you every time you use them, making them a lovely wedding gift idea.

Here’s the bit you came here for… the best small gift ideas for under £50. Let’s begin!

modern white kitchen with marble table tops


The kitchen is a great place to add a few little luxuries that need not break the bank, we’re thinking colourful kitchenware and gadgets that make cooking a breeze. Oh, and if you’ve always lusted after a super organised pantry cupboard, now’s your chance.

minimalist wood inspired dinning room

Dining room

Upgrade your hosting status with some seriously dreamy dinnerware. Oh, and don’t forget the glasses too, we promise your wine will taste that bit better from beautiful glasses! We’ve got loads of stunning small gifts for the dining room for less than £50.

living room showroom with orange sofa

Living room

From cushions to beautifully scented candles, it doesn’t take much to create the perfect place to put your feet up. Adding a few small gifts to your list won’t just please your guests, it’ll have you feeling all ‘ahhh’ when you sink into your sofa at the end of the day.

earthy green bedroom with gold accents


Create a restful space with your wedding gift list, from tactile accessories to relaxing scented candles all perfect for the bedroom. And you guessed it, they’re all less than £50. You’re welcome.

minimalist grey bathroom with plant accents


Make your bathroom a serene spa-like space with a few little touches here and there, it’s really all it takes to make your morning routine feel that bit more special. Upgrade those crispy, threadbare old towels and give your bathroom super luxe hotel vibes.

female potting plants into orange ceramic pots


Wedding gifts at a great price point don’t have to stop in the house, add small gifts for your garden, patio or balcony all for less than £50. From bird feeders to alfresco cooking accessories, use your wedding gift list to make the most of your outdoor space all year round.

There we have it, the best small wedding gifts under £50. If you’ve got your eye on some bigger ticket items, don’t forget you can enable group gifting on any Prezola present, meaning your guests can contribute as much or as little as they like towards a more expensive gift too! Happy shopping, lovebirds.