Do I need a wedding gift list?

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Every wedding is completely unique. From the dress, venue, guests and the couple themselves – so it’s natural that the planning of each wedding will be different too. Should you have a wedding gift list? Or shouldn't you?

There are plenty of advantages to having a wedding gift list that you may not have realised. Gone are the days of entering a high street department store with a barcode scanner like in the movies, and you no longer need to ask for things you feel you should have, just because you’re getting married.

The rule book has been thrown out the window when it comes to wedding gift lists and couples should reflect who they are with the gifts they choose. Let’s go through the reasons why you might be holding back on having a gift list.

We’ve been living together for ages

Wedding gift lists are a great way to upgrade any old or outdated furnishings from your student days and really go for the items that you’ve always wanted. KitchenAid, Dyson and Sonos are all popular on gift lists because most couples wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise. If there’s really nothing you'd like for the home, add experiences like theatre tickets or a city break for something to look forward to as a married couple. There are also plenty of mini-moon breaks in the UK and abroad with Mr & Mrs Smith for a luxury escape.

We don't feel right asking for money

Gone are the days where asking for money was taboo. Your guests want to give a gift to celebrate your marriage and if money is what you want, they’ll be more than happy to help. To make asking more subtle, our cash gifts are listed as certain aspects of the honeymoon such as ‘romantic dinner on the beach’ or ‘New York city pass’ so that guests feel they’re contributing something specific to your holiday. At the end of it all, you have the cash transferred to your bank account to spend as you wish.

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We don’t want our friends to feel they have to spend a lot

Believe it or not your guests really do want to give you gifts! A gift list acts as a guide for guests so they know what wedding present to buy and it removes all the questions like "What should I buy?" and "How much should I spend?". If you've been a wedding guest before, this probably sounds familiar. It’s a lot better to be open about it and make the first move rather than leaving guests in the dark.

Make sure you add a range of gifts with different price points so there's something for everyone. With over 50,000 items to choose from on Prezola, it’s easy to add wedding gift values both high and low. Your close family will most likely want to spend a lot more than your friends from school so add a high-priced item (like those Tefal copper saucepans you had your eye on!) and your friends can go for something smaller like wall art or dinnerware. Don’t be shy to add those high-ticket items, you can always add group gifting so multiple guests can split the cost of the gifts you really want.

Gift lists are too traditional

Forget department store gift lists where you're limited to their brands and options. You can have all of your favourite brands and add furniture, experiences, honeymoon funds and even charity donations. We combine everything you could ever want on a single easy-to-use online list. Mix traditional brands such as Wedgwood and Le Creuset with modern brands like and Graham & Green.

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We don’t want any hassle for our guests

It couldn't be simpler for guests with free delivery. If you're opting for guests to bring cash on the day, it's actually quite risky. There are countless stories of money getting lost, stolen or cheques made out to the wrong name - nightmare! We insure your money and there are no ties on how you spend it - the cash is transferred to your bank account to spend how you choose.

Thank you notes seem too daunting

You won’t have to worry about a thing. It can be tough for even the most organised person to keep track of who sent which present, and it just makes it impossible when gift tags fall off presents during the big day. We send you a list of all the presents in your delivery along with the names of people who sent them so there’s no more matching up handwriting or second-guessing.

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