How to ask for money for a wedding gift: polite wording examples

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Wondering how to ask for money for a wedding gift? Well, friends, you are not alone.

As the UK’s favourite wedding registry and honeymoon fund service, at Prezola we get to speak to hundreds of engaged couples every month. And this is one of those questions that our customer care team get asked a lot.

These days, most engaged couples live together before they decide to tie the knot. So, it’s perfectly normal not to need a lot of new stuff.

Maybe you’d prefer money towards a honeymoon, home improvements, a house deposit, or any other big, exciting thing. We get it – that sh*t’s expensive!

But there’s no need to feel awkward about asking for money as a wedding gift. If you approach it in the right way, your guests will be more than happy to help you out.

We’ve even got the stats to prove it:

  • Around 20% of Prezola gift lists are ‘cash only’ while
  • 50% of our couples combine cash and gifts all on one list (that’s kind of our thing).

Since you lot are clearly a courteous bunch, we’ve put together a few of our top tips on the best polite ways to ask for money for wedding gifts and examples of tactful wording for your wedding invites.

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How to ask for money on a wedding invite

When thinking about how to ask for money for a wedding gift, the obvious place to start is with your wedding invitations and/ or wedding website. We’ve been doing this for a while, and we’ve come up with 3 golden rules for wedding invitation wording when you’d like money instead of gifts:

How to ask for money for a wedding gift: 3 golden rules

1. Be clear

This is no time to beat about the bush. It’s important to have a clear stance on gifts and wedding money BEFORE you send out your invites. Trust us when we say, your guests will be looking out for this info.

And if it’s missing or too vague, well, let’s just say that you’d better be prepared for a barrage of texts, emails and phone calls asking about it.

2. Be specific

This is a big one. In our experience, most wedding guests are perfectly happy to give money as a gift.

But they do prefer to know what their wedding gift money is going towards. It’s only fair right? If they’re handing over their hard-earned cash, the least you can do is let them know it’s going towards something special.

This is where we come in – with a Prezola honeymoon fund, you can split up your fund into different bits, so each guest can contribute to different aspects of your trip.

Cocktails by the pool from Auntie Liz, flight upgrades from your uni mates, a scuba diving experience from the best man… you get the idea. Setting up an online fund will also eliminate the risk of envelopes full of cash floating about and potentially going missing on the day. It’s a win-win!

3. Make it easy for your guests

We can help with this bit too. When you set up your wedding gift list, cash fund or honeymoon fund with Prezola, we’ll provide you with your own unique link to share with your guests. With one click, they’ll be taken directly to your list, where they can see what you’d like and start pledging immediately.

To help get you started, we’ve put together a few simple examples of polite wedding invite gift wording for honeymoon funds or cash funds. You can pick one and use it word for word, adapt it to suit your style or use it as inspiration to come up with your own.

The most important thing to us is having you with us to celebrate our day. But if you wish to give a gift, we’ve set up a honeymoon fund with Prezola – you can find it here:

prezola digital giftlist notice example
We kindly request no gifts for our wedding, but if you wish to help us celebrate, a small contribution to our honeymoon fund would be very welcome:

Wedding giftlist money notice

We are saving up for a deposit on our first home together. Any cash gifts towards this are welcome, but not expected.

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Your presence is present enough, but if you wish to give a gift, you can find our ‘new kitchen fund’ at Prezola. All contributions are gratefully received.

green floral prezola wedding donation notice

Having you with us on our special day is the best gift we could ask for. Though should you wish to help us keep the celebrations going, a cash gift towards our honeymoon fund would be greatly appreciated.

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Wedding poems asking for money instead of gifts

If you’re looking for cute ways to ask for money as a wedding gift, it might be time to brush up on your rhyming skills. An original personalised poem on your invites is a playful way to broach the subject of gifting tactfully. Something like:

We’ve lived together for a while,
and our home is kitted out in style.

But a honeymoon would be really smashing.

So, if you’d like to chip some cash in,
Prezola is the place to do it.
It’s all online – there’s nothing to it!

If you like this one, there’s a whole lot more where that came from. Check out our blog post on cute wedding gift poems for your invitations for more ideas. Just remember, these poems work best when they’re personalised, so make sure to put your own spin on it – as if you need an excuse to go and play with an online rhyming dictionary!

P.S. 50 points to Gryffindor to anyone who can find a nice word that rhymes with cash… Bash? Crash? Smash? Trash? There’s gotta be a good one somewhere!

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Etiquette for handling monetary wedding gifts

So, you followed our advice and figured out how to ask for money for a wedding gift, and your friends and family delivered (of course they did - they’re the best!) Now what? A simple thank you note is always the way to go. Just make sure to personalise the message for each guest, thanking them for coming and reminding them how you plan to use their cash gift.

Prezola’s thank you note manager makes this part a breeze. We keep track of exactly how much each guest has gifted you and which fund they pledged towards, as well as any gifts you received if you decided to combine gifts with funds.

So, when you sit down to write your thank yous, you’ll have all the info ready and no fear of cards getting separated from gifts or money falling out of envelopes. Nice!

And that just about sums it up. If you’re one of the many couples trying to figure out how to ask for money for a wedding gift, we hope this helped! The most important thing to remember is that your guests want to help you celebrate with a gift you’ll really appreciate. If that means cash, they’ll be happy to oblige – all you have to do is ask nicely.