Wedding registry 101: cash gifts

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Looking to add cash gifts to your wedding gift list? Great idea! We offer bespoke funds that are easy for you and your guests. Whether you'd like contributions towards your honeymoon or help with home refurbishments, we've got the top tips to make the most of these funds. If you can dream it, you can add it. So, what are you waiting for?

What are cash gifts?

Rather than physical gifts, you can ask for cash gifts to contribute towards larger items like a deposit on your first home, renovations, or an unforgettable honeymoon.

Start adding funds by choosing from the hundreds of pre-made gifts we have available, or you can create your own custom funds in your dashboard. Custom gifts are a great way to make personalised funds for your honeymoonhome or personal goals.

Cash gifts are totally free to the couple. Our only charge is a highly competitive 2% fee that will be applied to any cash contributions and honeymoon funds, simply to cover our costs. This fee is paid for by your guests so you get the full amount they have kindly gifted you. You’ll be pleased to hear, any charity fund is exempt from this admin fee. 

TOP TIP: Some guests feel unsure about giving cash as a gift, so make sure to add a mix of physical and cash gifts to suit all of your guests.

How to add cash gifts to your wedding gift list

How to create your own cash gifts

You can create your own cash gifts here. Select whether you wish to choose a custom product, make a charity donation, honeymoon fund or cash fund. Simply choose the option you'd like to create and include your own title, description, image and price of the gift. You can also choose the number of gifts available if you'd like to offer more than one. 
You can add up to 10 custom product funds, and unlimited charity, honeymoon or cash funds. 

TOP TIP: Guests prefer to see personalised honeymoon funds and get a better idea of where their funds will be going.

How to add custom products to your gift list

What's the difference between cash funds and honeymoon funds?

Simply put... There isn't one! Essentially, both are cash gifts that you'll receive in your bank account to spend as you wish. We separate them with different labels to make cash gifts discreet and guests will feel as though they're giving a real gift rather than "just cash".

honeymoon fund is for money to spend on your honeymoon while a cash gift can be for your house deposit, a new car, new puppy or anything else you're saving for.

We also transfer any charity donations to you so you get the warm, fuzzy satisfaction of giving the money to charity, plus it will benefit the charity further with GiftAid.

TOP TIP: Guests prefer to see personalised honeymoon funds and get a better idea of where their funds will be going.

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What's a custom product?

Good question! If there’s something you’ve got your heart set on that we don’t offer already, you can add a custom product fund. Just add the URL and our system will pick up the rest. We’ll even check whether we can source this item directly for you. If we can, the item will feature on your list as a physical gift. If it’s not available with our branded partners, it will be added to your list as a cash gift for you to source the item directly. You can add up to 10 custom products to your wedding gift list. Happy shopping!

TOP TIP: Make sure to add cash gifts with different price points to suit all budgets.

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How to withdraw cash funds

Once guests start to contribute towards your funds, the amount will be held with us in a fully ring-fenced account until you're ready to withdraw the funds. Most couples wait until after the wedding to transfer their entire cash fund, however you can have your funds at any point by booking a transfer in the cash gift section of your dashboard

We give you two free cash transfers so you have the flexibility to get your cash when it suits you. After your funds have been transferred, the account balance will show as zero until you receive more funds from guests.