Wedding registry 101: how to edit your list

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How to edit your dream wedding gift list

Looking to edit your list a need a little helping hand? We’ve got you. Sit back while we teach you everything you need to know to make the very most of your wedding gift list. We’ll run through editing your profile picture, personal message and more. So, let’s get this show on the road.

Add gifts to your list

Start adding gifts by browsing our departments or using the search bar. There's plenty of choice to suit you and your home. From kitchen gadgets and the latest tech, to experience days and amazing subscriptions, we have everything covered. Simply click the add to list button when you’ve found something great. 

If you'd like to have multiples of a gift (such as dinner plates or dining chairs), simply adjust the number by updating the quantity box when you add a gift to your list.

Not sure where to start? Be inspired by lists we love and discover our most popular products.

Not sure how many gifts to add to your list? Don’t worry- we chat about your magic number here.

Top tip: add a variety of gifts with different price points to cover all budgets. 

How to add to list Le Creuset

Remove and edit gifts on your list 

You can easily edit any gift on your list by clicking 'Your list' at the very top right of the screen. On each item that has been added to your list you'll see 4 icons giving you the following edit functions;

  • The gift icon enables group gifting on an item

  • The heart icon will mark this gift as a favourite 

  • The bin icon will delete gifts on your list

  • The eye icon allows you to hide an item from your guests

If you want to rearrange the order in which your gifts appear on your list, you can drag and drop to your heart’s content. 

Top tip: rearrange your gifts regularly so that the gifts you want most are near the top.

How to remove gifts from your wedding list

Edit your images, wedding date and personal message 

Head over to the edit button on your dashboard. From here you can change your images, wedding date and personal message.

We offer a variety of header images for you to use, but you can also add your own image. Click the edit button, head to background photo and either choose one of our images or upload your own. Click couple photo to add a photo of yourselves, cute! 

You can edit your gift list title and wedding date here too. 

You can also write a personal message for guests to introduce them to your gift list. Edit this section by heading to next steps on your dashboard and select add a guest welcome message.

Top tip: If your images appear blurry, it’s because they’re too small. Choose larger images to ensure they display properly. 

Personalise your wedding gift list

Open and close your gift list

When you open your gift list it’ll be unpublished. To allow your lovely guests to see your lists you’ll need to publish it first. Simply click the Publish your list button and you’ll then see the share your list button. 

Guests can find your list using your unique list number (if you have shared this with them) or they can search using your names and event date.

Top tip: The best time to open your gift list is 10-12 weeks before your wedding, along with your invites. This allows guests time to choose the perfect gift.

Publish your dream wedding gift list