When should we start our wedding gift list?

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If you haven’t started your Prezola gift list yet, or want to schedule every aspect of wedding planning, then it’s good to know when exactly a wedding registry fits into it all.

Essentially, the timeline is based around your invites and sharing information with your guests. Some couples like to include gift list details on their Save The Dates but more commonly, gift list details are shared on the wedding invites or wedding websites.

Save The Dates are usually sent 9-12 months before the big day as people love to book holidays early in advance to save money and secure days off work before their colleagues. Not only that but guests are often invited to multiple weddings in a short timeframe, so get your guests committed to your wedding before anyone else!

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Wedding Invites and ‘Wedsites’ are usually shared 4-6 months before the wedding, having given them the heads up with a Save The Date beforehand. Send them too early and guests will forget to buy a gift but send them too late and guests won’t have time to buy anything (or will have already bought an unwanted gift elsewhere).

Working backwards, guests should have around 4-6 weeks to buy a gift before the big day.

So, when should you set up a registry?

Generally, this means your wedding registry should be completely finished at least 8 weeks before the big day. Though you can always add more gifts if the choice gets low. With so much choice on Prezola, you should probably give yourself a month to fully pick and choose your gifts, as it will also give you time to remember anything that might have been missed.

Ideally, your wedding gift list should be created 4-6 months before the wedding. And at the very latest, 3 months before.

If you need help creating the perfect gift list, confide in our team. Get in touch, our interior experts will be happy to help.

Wedding timeline:

  • Save The Dates: send these 9-12 months before the wedding
  • Wedding Invites and/or Wedsites: send or share these 4 - 6 months before
  • Wedding Registry: finalise and share with your guests 4 - 6 months before the wedding