Next level wedding websites, a step by step

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Wedding websites, the ultimate wingman for your big day, except they never get tired and are always on point! These virtual wizards spare you from endless phone calls and questions from confused guests. Need to share details about the venue, the dress code, or your wedding gift list details? Bam! Just update your wedding website, and the whole gang is in the loop. Here's our guide to how to create your wedding website, our favourite providers and top tips for making the most of them.

Your step by step guide to creating the ultimate wedding website

1) Choose a wedding website builder

Here’s a list of some of the best free wedding websites:

  • Minted - for beautiful wedding website design templates (over 1,100 to choose from!) alongside their other wedding stationary offering
  • Appy Couple - super stylish custom wedding websites, plus a mobile app for guests to access information easily
  • - super easy wedding website builder with tons of templates to choose from

2) Set up and create an account

This is super easy, just add your email address and create a password to get started

Beige minimalist RSVP invitation with green leaves

3) Browse wedding templates

You’re likely to have hundreds of templates to choose from to create your wedding website, depending on the provider you go with. Browse by colour, season or design style to find something that suits your wedding scheme. Most will offer pre-designed templates to make it super easy.

4) Customise your free wedding website

Add your names, wedding date, venue details, timings, dress code and any other relevant information like local accommodation options. Don’t forget to add details of where your lovely guests can find your wedding gift list. Hint… it’s at Prezola!

Have a play with different fonts and colours until your wedding website feels totally you. And why not add some really cute wedding gift poems for your website and invitations?

5) Say cheese!

Add photos and videos of you. It adds a personal touch and gives your guests the chance to get to know you a little more (great for distant relatives who may not have even met the bride or groom-to-be just yet!)

minimalist blue flower wedding website

6) RSVP, please

Set up your RSVP and guest management to track your guests attendance online. Asking your guests to RSVP online will also save them the hassle of having to reply by post.

7) Give it a try…

Test your wedding website before it goes live, checking all the details are correct and that the site functions as you’d like it to.

8) Go live!

Push ‘publish’ and share the URL with your guests via printed invites, email or social media. Don’t forget to review it periodically, just in case any details change that you need to make your guests aware of.

beige with white leaves wedding rsvp page

Top tips

1) Add interactive polls

Why make so many decisions about your wedding? Give it to your friends and family and ask for their opinion on the type of music your band should play and the food they'd love to eat. You can even make it fun by asking who everyone thinks will cry first or what song they’d like to hear on the dancefloor!

2) Add wedding profiles

It may seem a little odd to create a profile for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, but it’s a blessing in disguise. Not only does this give the chance for guests to know a little more about each person and why you chose them to be in your party, but it also provides icebreakers for the wedding.

3) Save money

Invites, envelopes, stamps, RSVP cards – it can all soon add up in cost, not ideal when you’re trying to plan a wedding on a budget. Save yourself time and hassle with finding postal addresses by adding all of the information on your wedding site.

If you still would like to have your unique wedding stationery, stay on a budget AND be green, why not opt for e-invites instead?

4) Go eco with travel

You’re essentially inviting around 100 people to all travel to the same place, so why not add a lift-sharing section on your website? Drivers can offer up spare seats in their cars and not only does it save money and the environment, but it’s super sociable too!

5) Make it private

Avoid embarrassment with evening guests and add passwords to areas of the site that don’t apply to other people. You wouldn’t want to flaunt your amazing food, venue and entertainment to the wrong people so it’s best to only give access to the things they need.

6) Add a table plan

Give people a heads-up to who they’re sitting next to by adding the table plan on your wedding website. Not only does it allow guests to know where their seat is but they can also do some Instagram-stalking on their table neighbours and find out more about them for conversation topics.

couple looking through the prezola website  on a laptop

So, there you have it! Your guide to nailing your wedding website. Say goodbye to confused guests and lost postal RSVPs, manage it all on a free and easy to use wedding website. Happy planning, lovebirds!