How much to give for a wedding gift: The guide

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Ah, weddings – where love is in the air, champagne flows, and dance floors become impromptu stages for some truly questionable moves. But before you break out your best Macarena, there's the age-old conundrum that's been stumping wedding guests since forever: "How much should I give as a wedding cash gift?" and “how do you give money as a wedding gift?”.

Fear not, dear guest, for we're about to lift the veil on this wedding gift-giving mystery. You want your gift to reflect that excitement – without going broke.

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So, whether you're heading to a posh do in London or a rustic shindig in the heart of the countryside, we've got your back. In this guide we'll show you how to strike the perfect balance between generosity and keeping that precious wallet of yours from shedding tears. So, let's get started on the quest for the ultimate wedding gift!

You may be wondering what to give as a wedding gift? If you’re not sure of the couple’s taste, then you can’t go wrong with a cash gift – it never goes out of style and these days a lot of couples are preferring cash. If you're planning to gift the happy couple cash for their big day, let's break down the dos and don'ts of cash gift-giving.

How much should you give for a wedding gift

  • The Golden Rule: First and foremost, there's no fixed amount you must give. The golden rule is to give what you're comfortable with and what you feel reflects your relationship with the couple.

  • If you’re a day guest, typically you would spend a little more than if you’re just coming along in the evening.

  • So is £50 enough for a wedding gift? In the UK, it's common for guests to give anywhere from £40 to £100 depending on your relationship with the couple. If for example, you’re in the wedding party or are a close friend or family member it might be appropriate to be a little more generous. 

  • Consider the Wedding Type: The scale of the wedding can influence your cash gift. If it's a lavish affair in a fancy venue, you might lean towards the higher end. For smaller, intimate gatherings, a more modest gift could be appropriate.

  • Don’t forget that there’s no need to break the bank; your gift should be a joyful gesture, not a financial burden.

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Group gifting

If you're part of a group, coordinate your gift with others to ensure a collectively generous amount. It's the thought that counts, but a substantial sum can make a big difference. Clubbing together could allow the couple to treat themselves to something really special from their honeymoon fund. 

Remember, the magic of a cash gift is that it provides the couple with flexibility after their wedding day. They can use it for anything they desire, whether it's towards their honeymoon or a home renovation fund.. So, no need to stress – give from the heart, and your gift will be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and if you’re an engaged couple reading this and you’re thinking ‘how do we ask for cash as a wedding gift?’ look no further than our blog where we chat all things cash and even give you some poems you can add to your invitations. You’re welcome!