32 awesome wedding favour ideas for your guests

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Looking for awesome wedding favour ideas? We got you covered. As the UK’s favourite wedding gift list, here at Prezola, we spend a lot of time thinking about the perfect gifts. Granted, we’re usually more interested in gifts for YOU than gifts for your guests. But hey, transferable skills and all that.

From the tried and tested favourites (we’re looking at you, love hearts) to the more unusual options (Seeds! Sparklers! Spices!), we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the best of the best when it comes to wedding favour ideas.

But first, a quick refresher.

What is a wedding favour?

Favours are gifts given at the wedding breakfast. So, those little wedding guests' gifts that can sometimes be found waiting at the table, and that are often edible but not always.

Basically, they’re just a little token from the bride and groom to thank their guests for coming to celebrate with them.

Are wedding favours still a thing?

Yes, we like to think so. Here at Prezola, we speak to hundreds of couples every week, and the consensus seems to be that wedding favours are still a nice thing to have.

But, is it ok to not have wedding favours?

Of course! Remember – it’s your day, your way. So if you find favours old-fashioned, or would rather spend your budget elsewhere, no judgement here!

So, let’s get stuck in, shall we? Or go straight to discover the best wedding favours out there.

sweet jar with name tag on it
floral wedding table set with plates and glasses

Edible wedding guest gift ideas

Sweet treats

Ok sure, it’s been done before…but you know what, who cares! Nobody (and we mean NOBODY) is going to turn their noses up at free sweeties, chocolates or biscuits. FACT. Some of our personal faves include retro pic n mix, love hearts, personalised chocolates, popcorn & homemade brownies. Tie them up in little favour boxes for added flair. Please and thank you.

Savoury snack packs

So, here’s a wild idea. If you’re not sweet-tooth types, switch up the sweeties for savoury snacks! Think pretzels, trail mix, and personalised packets of crisps (yes, that is a real thing – thank you Etsy!).


SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS! … ahem… apologies – got carried away for a sec there. Honestly though, who doesn’t love a mini bottle of booze? They’re SO CUTE! Extra DIY brownie points for anyone brave enough to try distilling it yourself!

Mini jar of jam/chutney/honey

Mini pots of local honey, chutney or jam are sweet ideas for wedding favours - perfect for a homespun, countryside vibe. It’s also another one that works beautifully if it’s homemade.

Fresh fruit

An apple a day and all that… fresh fruit makes a beautiful addition to a rustic tablescape. We love apples and pears for autumnal wedding favours and citrus fruits for a more Mediterranean vibe.


Spice up their lives with mini pots of herbs or spices! It’s an out-of-the-box idea that makes for cool wedding favours – useful too! Perfect if you’re known as a foodie couple.

Fortune cookies

“You will meet a handsome stranger”. Been there, done that, got the engagement ring! Fortune cookies make fun wedding favours for guests – even better if you’re tying the knot around Lunar New Year!

mini crystal glasses on a wooden table



People do a lot of kissing at weddings… no, really - it’s a thing. It’s not just the bride and groom! Guests start feeling the love and want to get in on the action! A handy pack of mints will always be a welcome gift.

Loose leaf tea and/or coffee beans

Whether you’re tea lovers or coffee connoisseurs, this is a thoughtful wedding favour idea, guaranteed to help perk your guests up the morning after the night before.

Drink tokens for the bar

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to an open bar, but you still want to treat your guests to a drink or two… drink tokens on the table will always be a winner! Who doesn’t love a free drink?!

Practical wedding favour ideas

Hangover kit

The morning after a wedding can be rough. And since you helped them into whatever sorry state they find themselves in, it’s only fair that you help them out again! Get creative with a favour box idea full of handy stuff – painkillers, water, Lucozade, coffee sachets, salty snacks… whatever a hangover cure looks like for you!

Cup & saucer

This one might be a bit twee, but we LOVE it! Set up a tea & coffee station with a display of vintage China teacups, then have your guests pick their own cup. It will be theirs to use, take home and keep. Totes adorbs.

cup and saucer on glass side table

tea leaf pots and glass mugs

Disposable camera

Put your guests to work as willing free photographers! Leave some classic 90’s style disposable cameras on the tables and see what comes back when they get developed… we guarantee – the results will be MESSY.

Photo frames

If you’re looking for unique, personalised wedding favour ideas, we love photo frames - pre-fill them with a cute pic of each guest and they could even double up as place cards!

Double-duty wedding guest gift ideas

Personalised place names

Speaking of things that double up as place cards… why not have the place card itself be the favour! Have all of your guests’ names beautifully laser cut in wood – we guarantee they’ll be taken home.

Name badges

One of the best bits about a wedding is getting to see all of your friends and family from separate parts of your lives mingling and partying together. Help break the ice with personalised name badges! Auntie Kath, meet schoolmate Dom. Uni friend Becca, allow us to introduce Grandma June.

wooden name tag ornaments

Personalised coasters

Same idea, but a different approach, you can never have too many coasters - we are not about that coffee rings on furniture life. So, label them up with your guests’ names and off you go!

Bud vase

If you’re doing DIY table décor, certain types of floral arrangements lend themselves to doubling up as ideas for wedding favours… a little bud jar with a few stems by each guest’s place setting looks adorable and makes for a unique gift to take home.

personalised grey geode coaster

Eco-friendly wedding favour ideas

Seed packets

Plant some seeds and save the bees! Whether you choose a classic wildflower mix or something specific to reflect your wedding flowers, seeds are the gift that keep on giving!

Mini succulent

Name something more adorable than a baby succulent, in a tiny little pot… go ahead. We’ll wait. And the best part is, they’re almost impossible to kill! So even the most reluctant of plant parents should cope.

potted plants on a wooden shelf

planting kits in mason jars

Eco-friendly wedding favour ideas

Second-hand books

Ok, now this one is our FAVE. If reading is your love language, and you enjoy a good charity shop trawl, pick out a pre-loved paperback for each of your guests!

Charity donation

And speaking of charity… donations can be a really meaningful way to make an impact with your guest wedding favours – especially if there’s a cause that’s close to your hearts.

Cute wedding guest gift ideas

Christmas ornament

This works best if you’re getting married in December (obviously). Though of course if you want to give out Christmas bits in June, we won’t be the ones to stop you – it’s your day, your way! But, in our opinion, this is a really cool favour for a wedding.


BUBBLES!!! As wedding favour ideas go, this one is cute, fun and guaranteed to get everyone acting like big kids. Added bonus: bubbles look AMAZING in pictures!


Spark joy with sparklers! We love this for autumn and winter weddings – you could even have sparklers instead of a confetti toss.

black and white image of groom blowing bubbles
cluster of sprinklers in a circle

Wedding favour ideas for destination weddings

Flip flops

When it comes to favours for weddings abroad, it’s a great idea to gift guests something they can use on their trip. Flip flops are a fab idea to help keep everyone on the dancefloor till dawn!

Hand fans

If you’re looking for wedding favour ideas for a summer wedding or a hot country destination, we love a personalised hand fan.

Top tip: Leave them on your ceremony seats rather than the wedding breakfast table, so guests can use them during your ceremony.

Personalised luggage tags

Lost luggage is the ultimate nightmare when it comes to getting married abroad… or, come to think of it, doing anything abroad! This is one wedding favour idea that guests are guaranteed to appreciate!

Wedding favour ideas for kids

Colouring/activity book & pencils

Weddings can be boring when you’re little. There’s a lot of sitting still and being quiet and listening to grownups talk. But a big book full of fun puzzles, activities and colouring is just what you need to keep busy till they get around to cutting that cake you’ve been eyeing up all day.

Small toys

Little toys – think dinosaurs, cars, Sylvanian families (remember those!?) – make lovely table favour ideas for little people. Especially the ones who aren’t reading yet.

Transfer tattoos

Just imagine going to a wedding as an 8-year-old and being allowed to tattoo the bride and groom’s faces ON YOUR OWN FACE?! This is the kind of magic that can happen when your parents are a bit tipsy and nobody’s paying much attention! And no one’s foul, the parents won’t mind too much anyway since these are temporary tattoos.

Kid-friendly sweets

And, just to bring things full circle, we’ll finish off back where we began. NOBODY is going to turn their noses up at free sweeties – especially not the 8-year-olds.

ice cream in pots covered in toppings
chocolate cake pops in front of a white background

Well done for reading this far – you must really like your guests! Hopefully, you’ve found a few fun new wedding favour ideas to consider. But now that you’ve spent all this time thinking up small gift ideas for your wedding guests, it’s surely time to turn your attention to a few wedding gifts for yourself – you’ve earned it! Or get you back into the tick of your wedding planning.

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