Iain & Katherine

This Central London wedding is full of tradition and history. We catch up to the happy couple to find out about their wedding details, their gift list style and see those all-important photos! Photography by Krishanthi.

How did you two meet?

We met at university at Durham through the ballroom dancing team. Iain was much better than I was so I was totally in awe of him – you could say he waltzed me off my feet!

Tell us all about the engagement!

Iain proposed to me at Chartwell, home of Winston Churchill, in the beautiful gardens there. It’s where I work, which might seem a bit of a strange place to choose, but I absolutely love my job (I am a massive history geek) and the setting is absolutely stunning. He proposed to me on the island on the lake, just as the sun was setting behind the hills. It was beautiful and absolutely perfect.

Katherine & Iain Katherine & Iain

What was your favourite thing about the wedding?

I think the church ceremony was so fantastic that would probably have to be my favourite thing. We got married at St Margaret’s Westminster and it was such a privilege to get married in such a beautiful and historic building. There were a few logistical issues to contend with, for example it was the day of the Prudential Bike Ride so most of the roads around there were closed, but it just meant we had to be really clear to our guests about the potential issues, and we got a lovely long scenic route in our car to the reception venue!

What tip would you give other couples planning their wedding?

Make the day as ‘you’ as possible. Don’t feel the need to copy what’s on trend in wedding magazines, or have something just because all the other weddings you’ve been to have had it. We went for a timeless elegance feel, as opposed to anything really ‘on trend’, which for us was perfect.

Apart from getting married, what's the best thing you've done together?

Travelling. We both absolutely love the adventures we have. We’re very into our city-breaks and end up cramming so much into a few days that we end up exhausted, but we have so much fun that it’s definitely worth it.

Katherine & Iain
Katherine & Iain

Tell us all about your honeymoon! Where did you go and what did you love about it?

We’ve only had our ‘minimoon’ so far which was a week in Sicily. It was quite a different pace from our usual travels but after the wedding it was wonderful to just relax, drink wine and do some very gentle slow-paced exploring. I love how Sicily has so many influences; Greek, Roman, Moorish, Norman…it’s like nowhere else I’ve ever been. The downside was that it was at the peak of a heatwave so it was absolutely scorching, but the prosecco and gelato certainly helped!

What's your favourite feature with Prezola gift lists?

It was so easy to include it within our gettingmarried.co.uk site and, given that I’m not terribly techy, to be able to have everything in one place was so handy. I loved how many different sort of options there were, from gifts to honeymoon options and then the option to add cash-gifts for anything extra you’ve had your eye on that isn’t on there. It meant that we could have absolutely everything we hoped for and that we had a lot of variety for our guests to choose from which was great.

What item were you most excited to get on your gift list?

We were excited about all of them but I think the Roberts radio was particularly special to us. There’s one on display at Chartwell (where I work) so our volunteer team had the idea of getting together to buy a new one for Iain and I, which was so touching. We’ve wanted one for as long as I can remember and to have it now, with that extra special reason as to why it was chosen for us, is absolutely wonderful.

Katherine & Iain Katherine & Iain

Tell us all about your Prezola delivery day!

Everything arrived beautifully wrapped and it felt like Christmas morning. The tricky thing was arranging it all in our living room, ready for Iain to return to when he got home from work, and not sneakily opening a couple beforehand! I managed to resist though and it was such a lovely experience. We had a bottle of champagne which my colleagues had given to us and it was so nice to see the notes from each of our guests on each of them. The whole thing felt like a lovely extension of our wedding day.

What's the most exciting thing you're looking forward to as a married couple?

We’re hoping to have our main honeymoon in the new year which is very exciting, and in the meantime we’ll have our first ‘Mr & Mrs’ Christmas which I’m really looking forward to. Beyond that we’ve not done much in the way of planning. After two years of spreadsheets, to-do lists and deadlines, we’re really enjoying taking each day as it comes and are excited for the adventure that awaits.

What's your favourite date activity?

We love going to museums and historic houses, so a favourite date for us would be a museum-late opening, followed by a lovely dinner and drinks afterwards.

Katherine & Iain

What brands on Prezola are your favourites?

Culinary Concepts, Joseph Joseph and India Jane.

How would you describe your interior style?

Our style is quite eclectic but tends to be classic with lots of timeless pieces. It’s quite akin to English country house styling with dark woods and lots of pictures on the walls.

One thing we did before we got married and I'm glad we still do now is…

Going for walks. It sounds rather odd but amidst all the planning, Iain would always know when I needed a break and some fresh air. We’d have an unspoken rule not to talk weddings on those walks and we’d leave our phones at home – it was just for us to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. We still have our walks and we love to get out, enjoy treading through fallen leaves in autumn, wrap up warm in winter and spending quality time together.

One piece of advice I'd give to future newlyweds is...

Enjoy every minute of this very special time – and try not to be too frustrated by the question ‘How’s married life?’ – even when you’ve been asked it hundreds of times! People ask because they care, so answer it like it’s the first time each time anyone asks.

Katherine & Iain
Katherine & Iain
Katherine & Iain

We will celebrate our first year of marriage with...

We haven’t thought that far ahead but knowing us it’ll be a minibreak to a new city, with lots of exploring, sight-seeing and experimenting with the local cuisine. I think our bucket list at the moment has Copenhagen, Vienna and Florence on it, so very possibly one of those.

Given the chance to redo my wedding, I would have..

Kept more of an eye on the clock on the morning! My hair and makeup was amazing but it was still being done just before my car was due to collect us, which meant that some of the later elements of the morning (flowers arriving, getting into my dress, etc) had more stress to them than I’d have liked. Having said that, everything afterwards went brilliantly, and there isn’t a single thing about the ceremony or the reception that I’d change – it was perfect.

What has surprised me most about being married is…

How little has actually changed. Yes I have a new name on my driver’s licence and I tick the ‘married’ box on forms now, but we got to share our lives together before, we still share them now, and that’s really all that matters.

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