The Ultimate Top Ten Gift List Tips

There’s plenty of places around the web claiming to give top tips for gift lists, so we decided to compile them all and give it to you straight. Right here, right now. These are the ultimate top ten tips and all you’ll ever need to create a wedding gift list with no regrets.

1. Have a gift list

It may sound obvious, but many couples choose not to have a gift list and it can be a problem for wedding guests. Family and friends want to buy a gift to commemorate your big day, and gift lists are an established tradition. Don’t be shy, ask away!

2. Consider your options

Prezola gives you the option to choose from over 500 brands and thousands of items to add to your gift list. Couples can also add cash contributions with only a 2% transfer administration free. We transfer the cash into the couple’s bank account, ready for a honeymoon or large purchase. We mix cash with gifts so there’s plenty of options to create the perfect wedding gift list for you.

3. Give yourself time

Traditionally your wedding gift list should be included in your invitations when they’re dispatched. So plan ahead, make sure you give yourself enough time to create the gift list, send it out to guests and that they have enough time to buy the gift!

4. Create your own heirlooms

After the confetti has settled and the honeymoon tan is fading, your wedding gifts stay with you for the rest of your life. They can become heirlooms, which is really special. Choose wisely and in twenty years, your children might be using them!

5. Capture the moment

Wedding photos will always be special, be sure to add bespoke photo albums and beautiful frames to your gift list so they can be protected and displayed forever.

Organised desk

6. Give guests plenty of choice

Some guests like to buy something that will remind the couple of them, try to cater for everyone by including some quirky gifts along with the must-have home pieces.

7. Cater for all budgets

Each guest has a different budget and it can be daunting when the only gifts left are the expensive ones. Try to add items for all budgets and consider Group Gifting as a flexible option. Any gift above £80 is eligible and it means multiple guests can contribute towards your must-have item.

8. Make it personal

Your list should reflect your style and bring a smile to your guests as they think “that is perfect for them”. Don’t feel restricted by tradition and add items that you’ll treasure forever. Add a personal message to thank guests for looking at the list and they can add a special message to your gift too.

9. Think about delivery options that work for you

While it’s traditional to have gifts on your big day, they can go missing and someone needs to make sure they get home securely. Prezola insures your cash contributions and delivers gifts to your home on a date convenient for you. It’s also nice to have something to look forward to after the honeymoon (and it feels better than Christmas!).

10. Don’t forget thank you notes

Finally, be sure to thank everyone who was kind enough to buy a gift. Sometimes this can be easier said than done unless you’re very organised, but using Prezola means you keep track of who bought which gift for you.

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