Wedding gift lists: questions you've always wanted to ask - part 2

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Are you ready to dive into the world of wedding gift lists and have some fun? We're thrilled you're here because we've got all the answers to your burning questions. Whether you're a newbie or you've already checked out part 1 of this series, get ready for a fun ride!

If you are here, the chances are you're about to embark on your wedding planning journey, which wedding gift lists are a vital part of. We know.

We've done some serious research, put together everything we know and talked to our couples... now, we're here to spill the beans on what's hot and happening in the world of gift-giving.

How do we ask guests for gifts?

This can feel a little awkward, but it really need not be. We think it’s best to make it clear to your guests that their presence is the most important thing, but in our experience, your guests will want to buy you something too. Make it something you’ll love!If you’re looking for a cute way to point your guests towards your Prezola wedding gift list, check out our gift poems guide!

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How to ask for money instead of gifts as a wedding present?

You may feel like you’ve already got everything you need, or maybe you’re more interested in collecting memories than stuff. That’s totally fine! Here at Prezola, you can add funds and experiences to your wedding gift list as well as the more traditional gifts.

You can even personalise your honeymoon fund so that your guests feel like they’re buying you a special experience rather than just contributing to your honeymoon costs. Hello, romantic dinner on the beach!

In our experience it’s a great idea to add a few products to your list too, some people will prefer to buy you a physical item. With thousands of epic gifts to choose from there’s something to complement every fund.

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What common mistakes do most couples make in choosing their gifts?

Wedding gift lists should be for all year round! You can add a gorgeous picnic hamper for a December wedding or matching bath robes in June. You don’t have to stick to the latest trends, choose items that will appeal for years to come and become heirlooms of the future. Don’t forget the formal thank you notes when it’s all over, Prezola provides a full list of who bought what to help with the final piece of wedmin!

Is it OK to ask for ‘non-traditional’ wedding presents?

It’s great to add these items and they actually tend to get snapped up first, especially when they reflect a couple’s personality. Roller skates, board games, an Xbox, wellies and a cheese hamper are some of our favourite unusual items to arrive at Prezola in the last few years!

What do you suggest for couples already living together?

For couples who already have what they need, choosing items for the garden is always popular with guests, such as a chiminea and planters. You could also choose experience days and luxury hotel breaks to go towards your honeymoon or Airbnb vouchers as something to look forward to in the future. Check out our dedicated blog for wedding gift ideas for couples already living together.

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What high-value items would you suggest adding to a list?

Countertop trophies are always a winner! KitchenAid stand mixers are hugely popular – choose the colour carefully as they do last a lifetime. Really good coffee machines by Sage or a gorgeous toaster such as Dualit are also great current choices.

Can we add upgrades on a gift list?

It's definitely OK to upgrade in the kitchen and dining department. Asking for some lovely, high-quality Le Creuset ovenware and saucepans is a great opportunity to replace the stuff you’ve had since your student days. Cutlery to be kept for best (without plastic handles!) and gorgeous glassware that hasn’t been blasted in the dishwasher for years are also lasting pieces to treasure for years to come.

Are you noticing any gift list style trends?

We’re definitely seeing demand for a more wholesome, hand-made aesthetic that our couples are pairing with more natural and calming colour palettes. From Casafina’s timeless stoneware collections that have been expertly crafted by artisans in Portugal, ultra tactile linen bedding from the likes of Piglet in Bed, right through to the more Nordic inspired designs from Bloomingville, we are also seeing a more considered approach to the choice of materials used throughout the home, with emphasis on the likes of raw woods, stoneware, mouth-blown glassware and organic cottons. Couples are however still injecting their personality into their homes through their choice accessories with brands such as Paper Collective and Beau Living, delivering delicious bursts of colours and interest throughout every room of the house.

Any other unanswered questions about wedding gift lists? Check out part 1, where we've answered even more of those burning questions. Still need more answers? We’ve got you! Feel free to chat to our friendly customer services team on 0800 488 0082, or email us at