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History of centuries

For centuries, Mediterranean Olive Wood has been favoured for its beautiful natural grain and dense durable properties. Tighter grained than other woods, olive wood products are designed to last a lifetime and avoid cracking and fraying with proper care. The timber is only harvested when olive trees have stopped bearing fruit or branches have been cut as part of the pruning process, making them eco-friendly and sustainable.

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Image showing the Butter knife product.Image showing the Butter knife product.


Image showing the Nutmeg Grater product.Image showing the Nutmeg Grater product.


Image showing the Salt Pot, D9.5cm product.Image showing the Salt Pot, D9.5cm product.


Image showing the Bowl, D22cm product.Image showing the Bowl, D22cm product.


Image showing the Nutcracker product.Image showing the Nutcracker product.


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