Create the perfect reading nook

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reading book on white sheet next to white flowers

Reading is a great way to relax, take some time out for you and get back to basics.

It’s hard to find the time to read these days. Between juggling work, fitness, cleaning and whatever’s tempting you on Netflix, it seems that reading has become either a holiday staple or tool for helping you get to sleep. Why not create a reading space in your newlywed home so there’s always a place to come to when you want to unwind? Reading is proven to relax us, so it seems a no-brainer, right?

Here’s our reading nook ideas so that you have everything you need. Read on…

Cosy yellow reading nook

The essentials needed for a reading nook is a bright space full with comfort, light and inspiration. For this look, colour was our main focus with a bright and bold rug, cushions and accessories for the ultimate comfort. Transform yourself to a tropical paradise with plenty of greenery and natural materials. Shop the look below!

Chapter 1: Choose the perfect spot for your cosy reading corner

First thing’s first, you’ve got to choose your spot. Whether you live in a modern flat or a cosy cottage, there’ll be a reading nook with your name on it.

Lighting is a biggie, would you prefer a reading corner bathed in natural sunlight or something cosy and moody? You might like to consider your preferred reading time, day or night, and let that lead you. Either way, consider any additional lighting you may need.

Chapter 2: Seating

So, you may be blessed with a window seat (aka ready made reading nook!), but for those not so lucky you’ll need to think about seating. Our favourite is a cosy armchair you can curl up in, if you’ve got space opt for a loveseat which is that bit more spacious.

Chapter 3: Cosy accessories

How do you make a cosy reading corner? Cosy accessories, obv. We’re talking cushions, throws and if you’ve got space a footstool is a must-have. Whether you go colourful, patterned or neutral, add personality to your reading nook to make it truly yours.

Top tip: a great way to delineate your reading space is with a rug, perfect if your reading nook is part of a larger living space.

Chapter 4: storage ideas

If you’re creating a DIY reading nook, you’re going to need space to store your books. Consider how much space you have available. If floor space is at a premium consider a floating shelf. If you’re lucky enough to have room to play with, a proper bookshelf is surely every bookworm’s dream.

Top tip: bookends are the perfect reading corner accessory. Whether your style as a couple is playful or classic, they’ll pull the look together.

statement wicket chair in a gold and leafy decorative room

Chapter 5: Somewhere to perch your drink

Don’t forget a spot for your favourite drink! A couple mugs of tea, coffee or a glass of wine can really enhance your reading experience and turn it into something special. Ours is a glass of red, thanks.

Top tip: If you’re going all out, add a couple of extra special glasses or mugs to your wedding gift list to be enjoyed while reading.

There we have it. Your journey to creating the perfect reading nook at your newlywed home is well underway. Happy reading, lovebirds.