Off-beat honeymoon destinations on every continent

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Are you a couple that dares to do things a little differently? Maybe you’ve scrolled through a long list of clichéd honeymoon spots that have been hashtagged to the moon and back? Still, the wanderlust within you is burning as bright as ever?

Well, globetrotters, buckle up and prepare to go off the beaten path because we're here to whisk you away on a joyride to the world of unusual honeymoon destinations.

Forget about clichés and run-of-the-mill hotspots and say yes to adventure because we've got a treasure trove of unconventional and off-beat gems just waiting to be discovered.

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Top unique honeymoon destinations in the world

Who says honeymoons have to be all sunsets and sandcastles? It's time to inject some mischief and quirkiness into your post-wedding escapades.

Picture yourselves snorkelling with sharks in the Philippines, trekking through the foreboding landscape of Chile, or even cosying up in an ice hotel in Antarctica!

If you're the kind of couple who wants their honeymoon to be as unique as their love story, then you've come to the right place.

Prepare to ditch the well-trodden path and embark on a journey that will make your friends raise their eyebrows in disbelief.

From remote islands where you'll feel like castaways to vibrant cities pulsating with an energy that's simply infectious, our curated list of off-beat honeymoon destinations will make sure your first adventure as a married couple is one for the books.

Unique honeymoon destinations in Asia

Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Eco-lovers will go wild for this alternative honeymoon holiday in the ‘Land of the Blue Sky’.

Camel trekking is a must and an excellent opportunity to explore this vastly breathtaking landscape of sand dunes and valleys. Take a trip with your furry friend (we’re talking about the camel here) to the Three Beauties National Park to listen out for the spectacular ‘Singing Dunes’.

Stay with locals in an authentic ‘Ger Camp’ for true cultural exchange. And watch the sunrise from your yurt-style accommodation before heading out to hunt for dinosaur fossils.

You’ll certainly avoid the crowds with this bucket list destination.

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Malapascua, Philippines

Underwater activities are a-plenty in this nature-lovers paradise.

Feeling brave? Daredevils can dive with thresher sharks in their natural habit for a wild and wacky start to married life. In fact, Malapascua is the ONLY place in the world you can do this sustainable and eco-friendly activity.

If taking a plunge with toothy predators isn’t for you, why not take a motorbike ride to Bounty Beach. Admire the tranquil, turquoise waters and sip cocktails as you totally disconnect from daily life.

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Unusual honeymoon destinations in North America

Fairbanks, Alaska

What could be more romantic than sipping hot chocolate as you snuggle up to your love and marvel at the magical Northern Lights?

Nope, we’re not talking about Iceland. But Fairbanks, Alaska!

This truly unique honeymoon destination is one of the best places in the world to catch the Aurora Borealis. Not to mention the midnight sun and sunsets that last forever.

Jet off to the Golden Heart of Alaska for an enchanting, winter wonderland escape. Jackets at the ready!

For the full Alaskan experience, stay in a cosy, lakeside cabin and watch the lights from your wood-fired hot tub.

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Vancouver Island, Canada

Okay, so you may have considered a trip to the Rocky Mountains (another awesome honeymoon destination by the way). But, how about Vancouver Island?

This wildly diverse honeymoon destination in British Columbia has it all.

Rent a campervan and look for the ‘bear necessities’ in the Pacific Rim National Park. Whale watch then cosy-up in pretty, harbourside restaurants in Victoria. And catch the year-round waves in surf-capital, Tofino.

Just remember to pack your bear spray for this once-in-a-lifetime road trip!

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Unique honeymoon destinations in South America

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires guarantees a hot, steamy and passionate post-wedding vacation.

Opera enthusiast? Take a tour of the stunning ‘Teatro Colon’. Fashion lover? Shop ‘til you drop in bouchée boutiques in the Palermo district. Night owl? Dance the night away at Salon Canning – a late night tango club that draws in professionals and locals from all over the city.

We’d suggest going from October to mid-December for a slightly cooler, springtime stay.

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Atacama Desert, Chile

If you're up for a big and fun honeymoon adventure, look no further than the Atacama Desert in Chile! It's the wackiest destination we can imagine.

Take the road least travelled and explore the world’s driest desert for an other-worldly experience.

Its remote and foreboding landscape is as eery as it is spectacular. Think endless salt flats, lunar rock formations and smoky volcanoes that will have you questioning if you’ve landed on another planet.

Leave nothing but footprints behind as you enjoy this extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

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Unique honeymoon destinations in Europe

Cycle the Rhine, Germany

It’s time to put pedal to the metal with a biking ‘adventure-moon’ across Germany’s irresistibly romantic, Rhine Valley.

Take this epic trip along the Rhine Cycle Path and pass by fairytale castles, vine-covered hills and lush landscapes.

With 24 stages to this iconic cycle route, we recommend travelling from Strasbourg to Mainz for a heroic 300km stretch of unrivalled views and picture-perfect towns.

Warning - this holiday does come with some serious helmet hair!

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Istanbul, Turkey

Enjoy a couples’ Turkish bath in this culture-soaked city. Stroll starry-eyed through the Basilica Cistern, Istanbul’s subterranean palace. Sit down for a spot of local tea in an authentic, Turkish tea garden.

And when the day’s adventures have tired you out, hold hands as the sun sets over the stunning skyline from the Golden Horn Park.

Short on time? Istanbul makes for a great mini-moon destination too.

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Unique honeymoon destinations in Africa

Serengeti, Tanzania

Okay, so we know an African safari frequently tops newlyweds’ top 10 honeymoon destinations. But we think it’s still worthy of being included in this list.

Why? Because every experience is unique.

Explore the Serengeti National Park for your chance to catch the Great Migration in action. Or trade the car for a canoe and head out on the mystical Momella Lakes for a peaceful and scenic way to see buffaloes, bushbuck, giraffes and hippos in their natural habitat.

After the day’s adventures, spend your night at a luxury safari lodge enjoying a delicious bush dinner beneath the star-speckled sky.

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Quirimbas Islands, Mozambique

Take a trip back in time with an anything-but-ordinary honeymoon in Mozambique.

Picture sailing around 32 idyllic islands dotted along the Mozambique coastline with your one-and-only. Snorkel in crystal waters and preserved, pristine corals before heading back to your beachside hotel to grill the catch of the day.

Largely untouched by tourism, you’ll feel like an ancient explorer uncovering a new land.

Visiting from May to September is best for cooler weather and less rain.

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Unusual honeymoon destinations in Oceania

Moorea, French Polynesia

Oh, Moorea! Lesser known than its nearby cousins, Tahiti and Bora Bora, but a true tropical paradise in every way.

Every bit as good as the pictures, you’d be foolish to overlook this unique honeymoon destination in French Polynesia.

Rent a car or scooter to explore the island’s palm-fringed beaches and tropical, turquoise lagoons. Feast on fresh, French baguettes and delicious pastries. And stay in an amazing, overwater bungalow for unrivalled views of crystal, clear waters.

Moorea has to be seen to be believed.

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Kangaroo Island, Australia

Escape the busy mainland and float across the water to the wildlife haven known as, ‘Kangaroo Island’. This off-beat honeymoon destination is Australia’s best kept secret.

Spend a day on the white, sandy shores at Vivonne Bay. Taste delicious South Australian wine at one of their unique tasting rooms. And spot kangaroos, wallabies and more in Flinders National Park.

Australia’s ‘zoo without fences’ makes for a totally unforgettable adventure you’ll cherish forever.

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A Honeymoon on the White Continent

Antarctica, Base of the Globe

Oh, yeah. We’ve saved the best for last. Get ready for the rarest and most exhilarating expedition of your life.

Follow in the footsteps of the world’s greatest explorers and journey to this mystifying, glacial paradise by luxury vessel.

You’ll sail by snow-topped mountain landscapes, majestic icebergs and hauntingly beautiful glaciers. Antarctica’s impossibly romantic twilight will have you both mesmerised as you snuggle up in your cosy cabin onboard.

Expand your horizons with a totally life-changing trip to this icy utopia. You’ll struggle to find a more off-beat destination for sure…

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Take the road least travelled

Well, explorers! We hope we’ve provided some fuel for your wanderlust and these creative ideas will help you decide where to go for your honeymoon.

They say travel is the one thing you can buy that makes you richer. So, go expand your horizons and explore every corner of the corner with our list of out-of-the-box honeymoon ideas.

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