9 Top honeymoon destinations in October

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red roses on a beach during a sunset

Looking to escape the dreary UK weather and add a touch of excitement to your life? Well, hold on to your hats, because October isn't just a month for waiting around for Christmas.

As the nights get longer, this is the perfect time to plan an unforgettable honeymoon that will make your hearts skip a beat!

So, grab your passports, pack your bags, and get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure to some incredible October honeymoon destinations.

From breathtaking landscapes to captivating cultures, these hand-picked destinations will delight vibrant and adventurous engaged couples.

Get ready to create memories that will have you saying, "I do", to October!

Why honeymoon in October?

Let’s be honest, October kinda sucks. If there was a month that could be cut from the calendar, it’s probably this one.

Summer feels like a distant dream. The UK weather is anything but inspiring. And the excitement of the festive season hasn’t yet begun.

So, why not shake things up by scheduling a trip of a lifetime in this otherwise dreary and depressing month?

There are many honeymoon destinations in October that can still guarantee some much-needed sunshine too. Plus, you’ll bag a bargain by avoiding summer prices. Hurrah!

Best October honeymoon destinations

Looking for some October honeymoon inspo? You’ll be spoiled for choice with this list of totally awesome honeymoon hotspots.

From the enchanting cities of Morocco to the tropical beaches of Thailand, October offers a range of breathtaking destinations. Indulge in the vibrant culture of Indonesia or embark on a magical journey through the stunning landscapes of Iceland.

For those seeking a blend of relaxation and adventure, the pristine shores of Hawaii or the vibrant streets of Mexico City are perfect choices. Experience the idyllic beaches of Antigua or immerse yourselves in the rich history of Germany.

And for a romantic escape with a touch of glamour, California's stunning coastline awaits. Whatever your honeymoon desires, these destinations in October will create unforgettable memories for you and your partner.

No matter which destination you choose, October is the perfect time to embark on your honeymoon adventure and create unforgettable memories together.

Morocco: A sensory wonderland of exotic souks and majestic landscapes

You may have been wondering if Morocco is good for a honeymoon.

Err, short answer - hell yes!

This exotic country is renowned for outstanding hospitality, stunning landscapes and traditional riad-style homes.

There are endless opportunities for romance too. Visit the magical 15th-century ‘Blue City’ (also known as Chefchaouen) for insta-worthy snaps with your love. Escape from ordinary life with a stay in a luxurious lodge deep within the Sahara Desert. Or spend a weekend holding hands and haggling for souvenirs in one of Marrakech’s thriving markets.

Morocco’s climate is very pleasant during October with daytime temperatures maxing out at 29 degrees Celsius, accompanied by much cooler nights.

However, you can expect more rain than the drier, summer months, so it’s a good idea to pack a raincoat just in case!

Travel tip…

Lovers of electronic music will go crazy for the MOGA Electronic Music Festival held during the middle of the month in Essaouira – a filming location for Game of Thrones! Music, dance and art combine for an extraordinary event.

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a blue and white village staircase in morocco

Thailand: A blissful escape to tropical paradise

Bag a flight at a knockdown price when you choose Thailand for your East Asian honeymoon adventure.

By October, the rainy season is drawing to a close. However, expect the unexpected weather wise. Especially if you’re travelling across regions during your trip.

There’s generally more rainfall in the Southern Thai islands than the mainland across October. That’s why it’s a great time to explore Bangkok and its neighbouring areas – Ayutthaya and Kanchanaburi.

Fed up of big city living? Take a trip to the Thai countryside and its every shade of green. Chase waterfalls, hike through rice fields and soak up the stunning natural beauty of this striking country.

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a waterfall cliffs with plants in thailand

Indonesia: Unforgettable adventures in a land of islands and culture

Indonesia makes an idyllic October honeymoon destination.

This effortlessly enchanting land, comprising no less than 13,000 islands, boasts a truly unique and diverse offering when it comes to honeymoon holidays.

For beachside luxury, the Gili Islands, Bali, Lombak and Kuta are all fantastic options. For an action-packed adventure, take a trek through the Kalimantan jungle. Or go temple-hunting in Central Java and visit the world’s largest Buddhist temple - the Borobudur.

In October, the crowds have dispersed and prices are cheaper than the middle of summer. So, you’re likely to snag a cheap deal on airfare too.

October does mark the end of the dry season however, and early morning or late evening rain is to be expected. Bali though is typically less affected by heavy rainfall and storms.

People also ask…

Which part of Bali is best for a honeymoon?

We’d recommend heading to Uluwatu for stunning, natural beaches and laid back romance. Or for those after a little more drama, journey to Mount Batur for an unforgettable sunrise hike with your one-and-only.

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red roses on a beach in indonesia

Iceland: A whimsical journey through dramatic landscapes and magical Northern Lights

If there’s a place that knows a thing or two about romance, it’s Iceland. And we can’t think of a more perfect setting for a wintery honeymoon.

October signals the end of the summer season in Iceland. But don’t despair – that’s actually a good thing over there.

As winter begins, it brings with it dark, clear skies meaning optimal viewing conditions to chase the magical Northern Lights. It’s also a great time to go on a guided glacier hike to soak up Iceland’s dramatically beautiful landscapes.

If you’re planning a stop in Reykjavik in October, then don’t miss the incredible lighting of the Imagine Peace Tower.

Create some once-in-a-lifetime style memories in this real-life winter wonderland.

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the northern lights in iceland

Hawaii: Bask in the warmth of aloha on pristine beaches and explore volcanic wonders

Say aloha to your paradise-island getaway to Hawaii.

If you’re looking for a honeymoon with a healthy dose of adrenaline, then Hawaii’s the place for you. Combine epic water sports, unrivalled natural beauty and year-round sunshine. You’ve got the recipe for an unforgettable honeymoon adventure, that’s for sure.

October is also one of the most affordable times to visit this exotic U.S state. There are big savings on everything from accommodation to car rental meaning there’s extra money in the pot for that thrilling skydive adventure...

You can avoid overheating as you sample Hawaii’s incredible outdoor activities too. With only a few mild rainstorms, daily temperatures typically range from 24 to 26 degrees Celsius throughout the month.

This tropical honeymoon hotspot promises nothing but good vibes and Mai Tais.

Look out for…

The Big Island Chocolate Festival in Kona. This yearly treat acts as a fundraiser for multiple local organisations and features unlimited chocolate tastings. Yes, you heard us. UNLIMITED CHOCOLATE.

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people swimming in the sea next to a green cliff in hawaii

Antigua: An Intimate Caribbean Hideaway with Crystal Clear Waters and Romantic Sunsets

Antigua has long been a favourite with honeymooners all over the world. And for good reason.

Choose from over 365 white sand beaches to enjoy. Picture your days basking in glorious sunshine, holding your love’s hand in one and rum punch with the other!

We’re talking sunset dinners on the beach by candlelight. And effortlessly sexy, Caribbean sunsets that last for hours.

Plus, October is a fantastic time to visit this exotic honeymoon destination. It’s towards the end of the island’s ‘off season’, so that means fewer crowds and better deals.

Sizzle in your very own slice of paradise in a luxury Antiguan resort. That’ll be two strawberry daiquiris, please!

Travel tip…

To avoid hurricane season, we recommend booking your honeymoon within the last two weeks of October.

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boats on the antigua beach during a sunset

Mexico: A fusion of vibrant culture, ancient ruins, and sun-kissed beaches

This long-haul honeymooners’ haven has a lot going for it.

From all-inclusive luxury resorts in Cancun to exploring ancient Mayan ruins in Tulum. Mexico offers a honeymoon for every type of couple.

October is still considered the low season for Mexico, so that means lower price tags and fewer crowds too. If you head towards the latter part of the month, you’ll also time your trip perfectly with the end of the rainy season.

Temperatures sit between 23 to 30 degrees Celsius - a welcome break from the rather pathetic highs of 13 in the U.K.

And this slightly ‘cooler than normal’ climate for Mexico only makes sightseeing in culture hotspots Guanajuato, San Cristobal, and Mexico City even more enjoyable.

If you’re in search of sunshine, head to the beaches of Acapulco and avoid the frenzied larger crowds of busier months.

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rock statues in mexico

Germany: fairytale castles, enchanting forests, and charming villages await

It might surprise you, but Germany ranks highly as one of the best honeymoon destinations in October too.

Why? Well, how about its enchanting, fairytale castles nestled high atop lush, tree-lined mountains? Or its charming Bavarian countryside and quaint, cobblestone villages? And not to mention Germany’s abundance of world-class breweries and vineyards.

Yep, we think that just about sways our vote!

The changing colours of autumn and very pleasant weather conditions are a hit with October honeymooners too. Temperatures range from 6 to 13 degrees Celsius with very little rainfall across the month.

Looking for a quick trip? This short-haul holiday destination makes for a great minimoon.

Can you feel the love tonight?

For Disney-style romance, head to Fussen to see the famous Neuschwanstein Castle.

And while you’re there, treat yourself to a stay at the Alpenlodge Hotel in Bavaria. This converted-schoolhouse-turned-spa surrounded by snow-capped alpine peaks is the perfect, peaceful location for the honeymoon of your dreams.

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a castle surrounded by trees in germany

California: experience the glamour of hollywood, coastal beauty, and bustling city life

California is the ideal playground for any newlywed couple.

Stunning beaches, scenic mountain landscapes and impressive national parks. This sunny U.S state has everything.

Grab a takeaway sundae from Ghirardelli’s, hop on a trolley tour and see the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran. Go celeb-spotting in the Palm Springs’ sunshine. Or rent a campervan and head for the iconic Yosemite National Park for your chance to catch wild bears in their natural habitat.

California is an ideal honeymoon destination year-round. And its nickname, ‘land of the fair weather’, is pretty accurate.

However, milder temperatures and dry weather throughout October make for some perfect road trip conditions.

Like to live life in the fast lane?

Buckle up for a super-scenic, American road trip across California. Cruise along the Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles for a honeymoon trip that’s hard to surpass.

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the golden gate bridge in san francisco

So, where is best to honeymoon in October?

Well, the answer is any one of these fabulous spots.

With so many places and so little time, we’re sure at least one of these oh-so-romantic October honeymoon destinations has pulled at your heartstrings.

One thing’s for certain though. Planning a honeymoon in October is a smart idea. Beat the crowds. Bag that bargain. And start married life in style.

Still, searching for that dream destination?

Never fear because we’ve got PLENTY more ideas for you. Check out our list of the top 50 honeymoon holidays for more inspiration. From exotic locales to romantic getaways, you're sure to find the perfect destination that suits your preferences and creates the honeymoon of your dreams.