Wedding gift registry guide: everything you need to know

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Wedding registry gift guide

Looking to learn a little more about wedding gift registries? Well, you came to the right place. Whether you’re an engaged couple or a wedding guest, we’ve got all the answers to your questions! Let’s go.

Wedding gift registry

What you need to know as an engaged couple

What is a wedding gift registry?

Put simply, a wedding registry is a curated list of gifts or experiences an engaged couple shares with their wedding guests before their big day. The list is chosen by the couple and is typically made up of various homeware products, cash funds, honeymoon funds and experiences. The aim of a wedding registry is to guide guests in choosing gifts that the couple really want and need. Dive deeper into this blog for more.

While the term wedding registry used to be associated with American weddings, they’ve become a must-have for British couples too, with good reason! Read on to find out why.

How does a wedding gift registry work?

Imagine it's your birthday, but instead of secretly hoping for the perfect gift, you get to make a list with your better half. That's the essence of a wedding gift registry! Just register (with Prezola, that takes less than 2 minutes!) curate a list of gifts you'd love, share your list with your lovely guests, who then choose from it, and voilà - everyone's happy. It's like a win-win shopping spree!

When should you start a wedding registry?

Ah, the burning question: when should you start your wedding gift registry? Check out our blog on this topic to time it just right. The more time you allow for building your list, the closer you’ll be to your perfect list!

How many gifts should we put on our wedding registry?

This could be a tricky one, if it wasn’t for Prezola’s nifty gift list calculator. Just input how many guests are attending your wedding and it’ll let you know how many gifts you should add to your list. Oh, and that’s not all. It will even recommend how many gifts you should add from different price categories, ensuring there’s a gift to suit all budgets. Win win!

How to word that you have a gift registry on your wedding invites

Crafting the perfect wording on your wedding invites is an art. You can keep it classy and simple or spice it up with a bit of humour. If you're feeling stuck, we've got some suggestions here.

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What to put on wedding gift registry?

Not sure what to put on your registry? We've got your back with a comprehensive checklist. From kitchen gadgets to honeymoon funds, we've covered it all. Because why stop at toasters when you can dream bigger, right?

Do you put details of your gift registry on wedding invitations?

It's perfectly acceptable to include a mention of your gift registry on your invites. We'll even show you how to do it tastefully in our wedding invite wording blog. Another place to let your guests know that you have a gift registry is on your wedding website.

How to add gift cards to your wedding registry

No problem, if you’re looking to add gift cards take a look at our curated selection of funds and experiences. But, if these don’t float your boat you can create a custom fund for absolutely anything!

When do wedding registry gifts arrive?

Once you’re married (congrats, BTW!) you just need to finalise your list. Prezola’s epic team will then get to work ordering your gifts to our warehouse. Once they’ve arrived they’ll get in touch to arrange delivery at a time to suit you.

There you have it, all the juicy details about wedding gift registries! So, go ahead, make that dream list, and get ready for your Prezola delivery day. P.S- our couples say it’s even better than Christmas! What are you waiting for?

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What do you need to know as a wedding guest?

So, you've been invited to a wedding, nice! But, you're not sure of the dos and don'ts when it comes to buying the happy couple a gift? Have no fear, we've got you.

Do you have to buy a wedding gift from the registry?

Technically no, you don't HAVE to, but if the couple have spent time putting together their gift list, it’s the polite thing to do. Registries are there to help you find something the couple truly wants and actually needs. No duplicates or re-gifting here!

When to buy a wedding gift from the registry

Timing is everything. Ideally, snag your gift as soon as you receive the wedding invitation or details of the happy couple’s gift list. This gives you ample time to choose and you get first dibs! Waiting until the last minute? Well, it happens, but try not to cut it too close.

What to write on a wedding registry gift message

Add a heartfelt message to your wedding gift, whether you keep it short and snappy or pen something a little longer, it's the thought that counts! You can even add gift wrap to your chosen present, so it’ll arrive looking extra special.

How much should you spend on a wedding registry gift

Ah, the million-dollar question! There's no strict rule, but consider your budget and relationship with the couple. In our experience the majority will spend between £50 and £100 on the gift, while 10% will spend over £100. No need to break the bank, though; it's the sentiment that truly matters.

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So, there we have it. Your guide to all things gift lists, what are you waiting for?