Gift lists 101: finalising gifts for delivery

Before organising your gift delivery, there are a few simple steps you need to take including exchanging gifts, spending credit and finalising your gifts.

Why you need to finalise your gifts

Finalising your gifts gives you the chance to review all the gifts purchased by your guests, organise the gifts you want, exchange any you may want to change and spend Prezola Credit or Prezola Gift Vouchers.

We can then start ordering all of your gifts from our brand partners to our warehouse. Once they arrive with us, we quality check each one ready to deliver on a date to suits you.

For a quicker delivery, you can lock in your gifts earlier via your dashboard or via the email notifications we send each time a guest purchases a gift. This means we can order locked-in gifts ahead of time and avoid disappointment in case they go out of stock with our brands in future. All gifts will still be delivered in one big delivery after your wedding.

delivery day

How to finalise your gifts for delivery


Finalising couldn't be easier. Once your wedding date has passed, you'll see a button appear in your dashboard that says 'Finalise my list'. We usually recommend leaving your list open for a week or so after the wedding to give any guests who might be a bit late with purchasing a chance to finish. When you're ready to finalise click the button and it will take you through 3 steps.

Step 1: review your gifts

Step 1 is where you can review all of your gifts purchased by your guests. You will be able exchange any gifts you no longer want for Prezola Credit, and spend this on anything else you may like on site.

Please note, you can only exchange gifts that have not yet been 'locked in'.

Once you have finished exchanging gifts, you can move on to step 2 where you can spend any credit and Prezola gift vouchers.


Step 2: spend credit

spend credit

In step 2 you can spend your Prezola Gift Vouchers or any credit received from exchanging gifts in Step 1.

You can also view gifts from your list that weren't purchased. Simply click the 'Buy It' button on each gift to add them to your basket. You can also use credit to fulfill any group gifts that didn't reach their total.

Once you have spent all your credit you'll be able to complete the process by clicking the 'Step 3' button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: confirm list

Here you can review a final summary of all of your gifts that will be included in your Prezola delivery.

We ask to confirm your contact details too so we can arrange a suitable delivery date and address once all of your gifts have arrived.

Once you're 100% happy with all of your gifts, you can click finish and we'll start ordering your gifts.

Please note that no further changes can be made to your gifts after this point.


So, what happens next?

delivery day

Next we get busy ordering all of your wedding gifts from our suppliers.

If you have large or fragile direct delivery items, we get in touch with you to gather details from you and contact the relevant brand ahead of delivery. They will then deliver these items direct to you.

If you have cash gifts, charity funds or honeymoon contributions, you will be prompted to enter your banking details if you haven't already done so. You can receive your funds by booking a transfer date in the Cash Gifts section of your dashboard. If you don't specify a date, we will transfer your funds automatically 3 days after confirming your list if your bank details have been added in Personal Details.

Once all of your gifts have arrived with us, we will be in touch to arrange a delivery date.

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